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Who We Are

(Owned and Controlled by Our Members)

The Water and Sewer Risk Management Pool (WSRMP) is a public-entity, insurance pool that was established in 1987 by Washington State water and sewer special purpose districts in response to the lack of affordable and adequate insurance coverage available in the marketplace during the 1980’s.   We comply with Washington RCW Chapter 48.62 which allows public entities to self-insure via an insurance pool.  WSRMP is owned and controlled by the districts we insure.  All profits generated are used for the benefit of the membership.  The founding members’ vision was to create an insurance organization that would ensure access to the most comprehensive protection, laser-focused risk management programs and responsive customer service.  These are goals the staff seeks to accomplish every single day.
Our Executive Committee is comprised of seven representatives that are General Managers or Commissioners from districts within our membership.  They provide regular oversight, guidance and expertise to WSRMP’s three employees.

Mission Statement

To protect Water and Sewer utilities with specialized risk management services and broad coverage at a stable cost.

Vision Statement

To be the recognized expert in providing comprehensive protection, risk management, customer service and support to water and wastewater districts in the Pacific Northwest while increasing member equity in an alternative risk structure.

Core Values

Respectful, Accurate, Reliable, Ethical (RARE)

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